In my work, I examine the connections and effects that life has on our spirit, mind, and body. There is a collective tendency to seek ways to grow and heal that many people share. In looking at my family members and myself, I have had to re-examine our relationships, how we see one another, and how we have learned to cope with dysfunction. My desire in my work is to unpack our experiences, our understanding of those experiences, and question previously held notions of what is. My faith and relationship with God are themes that often make an appearance in my work as this is the lens through which I look at my own mental and spiritual health and the connection between the trichotomy of the human existence, that is our spirits, minds, and bodies. “..Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This verse from the Bible is one I think about often, as I encounter new paradigm shifts in my own life, marking chapters of personal growth in my spiritual walk with God, and my understanding of trauma and mental health. 
In both my mental health journey and faith walk there is a sense of unlearning and deconstructing the unhealthy, while also rebuilding and remaking. Different coping mechanisms and preconceived notions about trauma are things I have had to go back and rework. My art is an exploration of what these three parts of individuals are experiencing, going beyond the surface level of our physical places in the world. Looking beyond what is merely tangible,  I want to capture a moment in an ever-shifting and changing process, as humans are constantly growing and transforming.
2021    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting Concentration, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2019    Associate in Fine Arts, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
GROUP ExhibitionS
Of Heaven & Earth, Goodyear Arts, Charlotte, NC, Co-Curator with Amber Benton

Consilience, BFA Exhibition, Rowe Galleries, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Unlearning, South End Arts, Studio 229, Charlotte, NC
The Figure, Virtual Exhibition, The In Art Gallery
Chiaroscuro: A Dance Between Light & Dark, Virtual Exhibition, San Fernando Valley Art & Cultural Center
Expressions 2021 Virtual Exhibition, Marin Society of Artists
Novant Health Student Art Show, South Park Novant Health Clinic, Charlotte, NC
We Are Black History: Into the Void Virtual Exhibition, the University of North Carolina At Charlotte
2021 Juried Student Art Show, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
The Heart, Virtual Exhibition, Curated by Art Therapy Institue of North Carolina

We Are Black History Juried Exhibition, Storrs Salon,   the University of North Carolina At Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
RCCC Art & Design Alumni Invitational, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, NC

SPCC Showcase, Southern Piedmont Community College, Monroe, NC
49er Student Showcase, Popp Martin Student Union Gallery, Charlotte, NC
VAE Raleigh Reclaiming My Time, National Humanities Center, Raleigh, NC
Impuls Student Art Show, Clearwater Artist Studios& Gallery, Concord, NC
My Views, Bridges Gallery, Salisbury, NC
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Autumn Exhibition, Railwalk Studios & Gallery, Salisbury, NC

Inspire: Mural at Think Kingdom Church in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Participated in a collaboration with Julius Shumpert to design and complete two murals in the lobby of a local church. 
Macro-Micro: ARTR 3162- Outdoor mural on the Rowe Arts building bordering the Hechenbleikner Lake certified wildlife habitat on the campus of UNC Charlotte; Created, developed, and executed collaboratively in Mixed-Media class. Participated in all stages of the process
Founders Day Cake: ARTR 3162- Art installation commissioned by UNC Charlotte Chancellor Gaber's office; participated in collaboration creating surface design and painting of over-sized "cake" art installation that toured UNCC campus throughout 2021-22 school year
Chancellor Commission- Commissioned to create a commemorative artwork in honor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Chancellor Sharon Gaber’s official inauguration ceremony as well as the celebration of the University anniversary.
Donor's Commission- Commissioned by the Office of Donor Relations at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to create a painting for a donor of the university.